Dwarf Fantasy Environment Set

Dwarf Fantasy Environment Set contains everything you need to set your own fantasy dwarfish environment. This package includes architectural meshes, props, both unique/tillable materials and a complete example map in addition to the showroom.

Dwarf Fantasy Environment Set is a complete, physically-based set optimized for next-gen consoles and PC. Within this package, you will find several architectural modular meshes, over sixty unique props, fifty-one unique materials of which 11 are tillable, more than a hundred-fifty unique physically-based texture, one showroom with baked lighting and one full example level of the set in action with real-time lighting.

Pricing: 49.99$ US

Detailed content:

  • 39 Architectural Modules with two distinct styles:
    • 7 floor meshes
    • 2 pre-made interiors
    • 3 houses
    • 3 walls
    • One unique four-way bridge platform and one unique ground with it
    • And more unique modules for various uses!

60 props:
• 9 awnings with three different models
• A great array of chests, crates, barrels and transport boxes
• One medieval crane
• 10 different market signs
• One unique statue
• Two basalt cliff models and one unique rock model
• A flag, a carpet, books, doors, paintings, ground clutter and more!

51 materials:
• 40 unique materials for unique architecture modules and props
• 12 tillable materials

  • 3 wood materials (One with big planks, one with small planks and one made of various trims)
  • 5 cloth materials (Three dedicated to awnings and two for ground tarps)
  • One material for marble and gold trims
  • One floor made of carved stone
  • One material made of stone trims with ornamentations
  • One stone wall material

Technical Details:
• Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
• Texture Size: Highly variable between 512 and 4k
• Collision: Yes – Automatically Generated and Per-Poly
• Vertex Count: Highly variable
• LODs: None for small meshes, 1 for medium meshes, 2 for big meshes and three for humongous meshes
• Number of Meshes: 99
• Number of Materials and Material Instances: 51
• Number of Textures: 165
• Engine Compatibility: 4.12
• Intended Platform: Windows PC, Next-Gen Consoles
• Platforms Tested: Windows PC
• Documentation Included: Yes

Other information:

I’ve been working on this set for the past two months, taking a small week hiatus in the middle to refill my mind with new references. Overall, I’ve spent over 350 hours working on this set - basically, over 50 hours per week. To give you the perspective, a junior industry artist would cost roughly 7 000$ to develop this. I’m highly dedicated to my work and only release things I believe to be of very high quality.

This is subsequently the first set I submit to the marketplace. This is a new adventure for me, but it’s not one I take lightly. Within the set, if it is approved, I have a 14 pages guide that goes in depth with how the set was designed. How pieces work together, what to do if certain glitches appear, how to cheat the innate size of some meshes.

In any case, I am incredibly excited to present this to everyone. I’m open to any piece of criticism, positive or negative feedback and any ideas you might have for future projects.

Looking good, nice scenes.

Looking good! Would love to see this on the marketplace :wink:

Looks good! Are you planning to do any more fantasy environments?


Yes! At least, that’s the plan for the next year. Although for the time being, I’m taking a small break - probably going to do one or two small-scale projects first - then I’ll move on to Elvish or Medieval. I haven’t decided which one I want to tackle first, polls indicated Medieval as being more requested so we’ll see.

I don’t have a solid timeframe to give yet as this autumn is going to be busy for me, but I’d like to release the next set before winter. I’ll make a WIP thread when I start working on the next architectural set.

And thanks everyone for the comments, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Awesome to hear! Can’t wait to see the Elven environment. I’ll be on the lookout for your WIP thread. =)

Good work, remembers me Orzammar - the city of dwarfs - Dragon Age: Origins

Looks original and cool, gg :wink:

PS: where are the dwarfs?

A friend of mine told me the exact same thing when I sent her the final playable build! There’re quite a few key differences, but in term of shape, they’re indeed similar, although it’s unintentional. Thanks!

I bet they’re hidden in their houses. At least that’s what I’d do if I saw a giant white robot running around to spy on my city!

I got Dragon Age vibes from it as well, funny to see I wasn’t the only one. It’s different though, and I’m certainly not implying you were trying to copy the design or anything. It’s just more of a compliment I suppose saying it could fit well in that game, and has that level of quality. (I get people saying the same thing about my packs and Mass Effect/Star Citizen from time to time.) I’ll be looking forward to more packs from you. =)

I’ll take it as a compliment, don’t worry :slight_smile:

There’s just so many things out there, at some point the wheel can only be reinvented so much. I didn’t play origin, although I spent over a hundred hours in Inquisition (which is an incredible game by the way).

Agreed. Dwarven designs across many IPs tend to look similar to one another. Inquisition was what I was referring to, definitely one of Bioware’s best games in my book. =)

Love how this turned out man!
Hope it does well on the marketplace =)

Great work! Waiting for it on the Marketplace for my project :slight_smile:

Also , the hexagons remembers me the caves in Dragon Age Inquisition - Coast level. They took the inspiration from an original place in Scotland: Fingal’s Cave

Yes! These are basalt cliffs. They’re very frequent in northern europe - although they are not limited to that area - and honestly one of the most fascinating nature-made constructs. My inspiration didn’t actually come from DA for these, but I recon that the game do have them. (Look for ireland and iceland rocks, they’re usually in the first three results, if not all of them)

I hope too! Thanks :slight_smile:

Unreal contacted me today, they now have the files officially. Just waiting for the internal review now!

Just a small update to let everyone know that the project is now officially in Epic’s queue and in the staging process. If all goes well, the pack should release in less than a month - I will create a new thread when it is officially released.

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming support!