Dust Storm

Hi all.

Can some one explain or write link on tutorial how create dust storm.

Some thinks like this or this Dust storm descends on Arizona


A dust storm Front.
I’m not sure there is a need for specific tutorials. It’s basically just a low to the ground oddly colored volumetric cloud.

There are tons of tutorials to make volumetric clouds out there. The one you would look into depends on your usage restrictions. It’s usually not something one can do for mobile and VR for instance, so you’d have to go some other route. Billboard driven transparent material meshes…

Because the cloud is so thick, maybe there isn’t really any need to use volumetric effects either, but it is easier if you need it to move around and eventually engulf the player since with a proper particle effect you could potentially be in the middle of the dust storm and still have it look really good.

like this or Post Page ?

Exactly. And as anything Ryan makes, that’s probably the best tutorial you’ll find…
just look at that Ocean…