Duplicated blueprint cause incorrect target of native function

Unreal Engine 4.9.0
Platform: Windows 7
Project: Tested on blank blueprint project

Reproduce steps:

  1. Create a blueprint class name act1 which is derived from actor, open act1 and save it.

  2. Open the blueprint act1, add a print string node after Event BeginPlay.

  3. Compile the act1 and save it.

  4. Duplicate the act1 from content browser, name the duplicated blueprint as actDup.

  5. Open the blueprint actDup will find the target of Event BeginPlay is act1, not actDup.

Similar situation happens on Event Tick, Event EndPlay, …

If I open the reference Viewer of actDup will observe actDup have connection with act1 because the target of actDup::BeginPlay is act1.
This situation produces redundant dependencies between the two blueprints that should have no relations actually.


I have been able to reproduce your issue and entered a bug report, UE-22183. The only thing I noticed that was affected by this issue was the tooltip. Did you experience any functionality issues as a result of this issue?

If blueprint b has relations to blueprint c, and is duplicated from blueprint a.
As the reference viewer shows, the Unreal will open blueprint a and c as loading blueprint b.
I think the additional loading time is what I concern about when the blueprint a is a huge class.
Thank you.

I’m a few months late, but I think I have encountered the same problem. I created a blueprint as a base, and duplicated it several times to be able to design the actor for different environments. In another blueprint I would cast to the duplicate, but the cast would always fail, no matter how the reference was set up.

We’ve moved over to a new bug submission method using a form. See the thread linked below for more info:


Go ahead and submit this as a new bug so we can investigate it and reopen the ticket or enter a new one if necessary.