Dungeon Crawler Toolkit

This thread is outdated. Go here for the support thread for the released project.

Soon to be released on the Unreal Marketplace, the Dungeon Crawler Toolkit is packed with everything you need to make a first-person dungeon crawler!

This asset provides all the essential components you need to start making your own first-person dungeon crawler, in the vein of Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master or Legend of Grimrock. Let players create a party of varied character classes and have them fight, solve puzzles and loot their way through intricate, multi-level dungeons. The project is built on well-organized and commented blueprints, using a heavily data driven design which makes modifying and extending the toolkit simple, even for non-programmers.


  • Character creation
  • Inventory system
  • Stats and abilities
  • Powers and spells
  • Grid based real time movement and combat
  • Multi-level dungeons
  • Monsters with AI
  • Doors, switches, pressure plates and other interactable objects

This project uses publicly available models made by Quaternius, available here and here. I am including them with Quaternius’ explicit permission, but since they are creative commons zero (CC0) you can use them freely in any project with no limitations.

I’m in the final polishing phase on this asset, so expect to see it on the marketplace in the not too distant future. Stay tuned!

Can not wait to try. Nice work Knut.

Holy crap Knut! Feels like Christmas is coming much sooner this year. Very nice!

When will we be able to get our hands on this?

Thanks, Skulldug! I hope you’ll like it!

Originally I had hoped to get this done before last Christmas, but the project kept growing and growing. It took some time, but at least it is really feature packed :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to submit this to Epic sometime next week. Then it will likely take a few weeks depending on how fast it is processed by the marketplace staff.

Grats Knut, can’t wait to pick it up. Did I read that there might be a mode to switch back and forth between turn-based mode and free movement?

Thanks! At the moment this toolkit is real-time only, but provided there is enough interest I intend to add turn based combat in the future.

Just came here to say I picked up the toolkit, and it’s incredibly well done. Everything is neat, well documented, and flexible. Awesome job.

Thanks a lot! I worked hard on this, so I’m happy to hear that it paid off :slight_smile: This thread is old, by the way. You can find the new support thread here.