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I think this topic should be placed in the maketplace or community content section, not in work in progress.
It already has been released In a great style

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Do you have any plans to support Clustered Themeing in City Architect? Currently I have an Office District theme, a Suburb theme, and a Trailer Park theme. Ideally there’d be a similar function to Clustered Themeing that’d allow me to combine these (I can put the themes together, but then it just mixes and matches the buildings randomly).

I guess another option is manually placing several dungeons, which would allow me more control of block size too… but that won’t have them work in synergy IE connected roads unless I set it up manually (was hoping to randomize at runtime).

Any suggestions to this problem? I understand City Architect isn’t fully supported

:open_mouth: Throw me a Line once you`ve explored this more <3 Would love to hear about it games already ready to be published on steam, but having some issues with rendering longer corridors and such, so i figured this would be the best course of action, and I already tried the Level Streaming bit, in UE4, I had a dungeon with 100,000 rooms, and broke it into 2000 levels i think, and slowly streamed them in, but levels would be half made, lose corridors etc etc

Thank you Ali!

Do you think it would be possible to look at the static mesh collisions ( and tags) settings? Any change doesn’t seem to work.

@Pinworm for now you could try theme override volumes (industrial, residential etc)

The paint tool can now also paint rooms

Also fixed an issue with paint tool not working with multiple dungeons on the same level

Powerup marker emitter blueprint:
Specify the no. of powerups you’d like to spawn on the map and the marker name to use in the theme file to spawn them (BP attached)

will you release de 4.16 version soon?

@NightmareSystem I have 4.16 download and I’m testing it. I’ll have 2.6.2 soon with 4.16 support

Nice. I’m waiting too!

Override Volume worked perfectly for my city, thanks :slight_smile: for some reason didn’t think to use that with city arch. Works great! Thanks again.

Submitted a new build 2.6.2 to Epic for review. It should be available soon.

Version 2.6.2

  • Added 4.16 engine support
  • The paint tool can now also paint rooms instead of just corridors
  • Fixed a bug with the paint tool now working with multiple dungeons in the same map

Full change log here

Hi [MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION] when you update your website?

I’ve uploaded 2.6.2 (Windows) to the website

Thank you!!


Sorry if this has been answered before, but I bought DA from the epic marketplace. How do I get my hands on version 2.6.2?

Hi Ali,
I think it would be very useful to have a corner marker emitter. There are some edge cases I’m having trouble accounting for using the spatial constraints. What if I want to select all markers except for in room corners, for example? Also if I want to try to find the ‘middle’ of a set of wall markers, which would be very useful for decoration and lighting. Any ideas?

Maybe there’s some way to do it that I’m missing. Here’s a couple of illustrations of things I’d like to do. By the way, the room free edge marker you wrote sometimes seemingly spawns in corridors and strange places. As the first thought I had was to try to use that marker.

Ex1. Select everything but the corners. (wall markers)


Ex2. Not sure how to describe this, but I’d like to select markers in this configuration as well.


Hi Ali,
I’m finding the Is Near Marker function to be extremely useful.

Can we also have it return how many of the Nearby Marker there are?

This would be useful for instances where I need to spawn something that’s not near 2 wall markers, but being near 1 wall marker is OK. (for example).

Couple questions about IsNearbyMarker.

-Does it take into account the offset of actor it’s attached to? (it doesn’t seem to). I suppose it depends if Marker Transform coming from the select node takes offset into consideration.

-Could there be a problem with small distances not working? Edit: I think small distances are almost certainly not working.

-Can it be used with markers emitted by a custom marker emitter? I seem to be getting strange results when I use it with BPM_RoomCornerEmitter.
-For example, I’ll set it to find a RoomCorner marker within 200 units of a Door marker, and it won’t spawn even though it is certainly within 200 units.

bool UGridDungeonQuery::IsNearMarker(const FTransform& CurrentMarkerTransform, const FString& NearbyMarkerName, float NearbyDistance, UDungeonBuilder* Builder)
float QueryDistanceSq = NearbyDistance * NearbyDistance;
FVector CurrentLocation = CurrentMarkerTransform.GetLocation();
for (const FPropSocket& Socket : Builder->PropSockets) {
float DistanceSq = (Socket.Transform.GetLocation() - CurrentLocation).SizeSquared();
if (DistanceSq < QueryDistanceSq && Socket.SocketType == NearbyMarkerName) {
return true;
return false;