Duke's Free Heightmaps

Hi All,
I will be continually adding FREE full resolution (8129px) heightmaps and material coverage maps I make with World Machine Pro for the community.
You can use however you want.

I want to share my height maps with the community since I never get around to actually completing a map mod, and I thought the height maps could be useful to some people.


Make sure to set the terrain scale on the Z axis to 180

Duke’s Free Map 1: DukesFreeHeighMap1forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 2: DukesFreeHeighMap2forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 3: DukesFreeHeighMap3forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 4: DukesFreeHeighMap4forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Canyon Island: DukesCanyonIsland.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 6: DukesFreeHeighMap6forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 7: DukesFreeHeighMap7forARK.zip - Google Drive

Duke’s Free Map 9: DukesFreeHeighMap9forARK.zip - Google Drive


I sent you a PM

how can i make the materials for the landscape? dont have MI_NewIsland?

can you post a link to the MI-NewIsland material please?

ty for taking the time to make those :slight_smile: this kinda helped me allot… because i am to lazy to create one on my own… so again thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Didn’t get how to use these.


There should be a text doc with the zip file, if you cant work it out let me know, I have tried them successfully

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I have followed your instructions to the letter and where the island DOES appear there are no textures and when I try to paint them on nothing happens, and yes I have added each texture height map to the island, I am currently trying DukesFreeHeighMap4 but as I say no textures appear, is there something I need to do to make the textures appear, also if you fancy a challenge can you make a height map for a small text map.

It’s okay I managed to suss this out myself for those having the same problem you need to go into Landscape, chose Manage and click on the Resort Weight Map, (see image) dependent upon your PC specs it can take a while.

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how did you export these maps?

If you are still making these maps can you make a very small one, I need a good small map for testing purposes only.

**@ andreyzee - what do you mean by export?
Export to what and where?

You IMPORT these into the Ark Dev Kit, you do not export them anywhere**

Thank you Duke54, the maps are brilliant. :slight_smile:
How I imported the world: In a new level, first create a material using blueprint (you can blindly follow this for that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMIXGzdq3mk ); add all the layers with their materials & normals like sand, cliffs_01, cliffs_02, grass, coral, etc. (6 layers) to the material. When importing this map using landscape toolbox, add this as the material for the heightmap; then you should be able to see all the layers, add the shared layer info for each layer using the + button and the .png file for each layer (given in drive folder) and import.


Duke you are a life saver!!! I haven’t the time to learn World Machine yet. This helps me move it along while i try to teach myself the process. Truly appreciate you sharing your had work!!

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are these ark specific and what’s the licencing for these (I assume no royalties) I’m planning to use some of these in a game they are .umap files right?

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Did anyone ever find a link to the MI_NewIsland materials?

Bad tutorial. Just a screenshot, wow. Why is it no longer possible to convey his knowledge?

be grateful he even shared his work otherwise you would have no heightmap at all. I’m very grateful for this and if you don’t know how to use what he provided to us that means you need to do more research and learn the engine more.


Hello Parrots, I know how to use the heightmap, but I didn’t found the material for them, since this post has 3 years… it was removed… or it was not included?
Do you have it?
If so, can you please share it with me?

Best regards!

These heightmaps do not come with materials. The materials are already in the ADK.

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TUT on how to use Duke54 Beautiful HeightMaps. Thank You Duke54 for releasing these