dual i7-5960X Processor Extreme Edition vs dual Xeon E5 2660 v3

Hello I’m in doubt between these two processors.

I need a machine to build light in the unreal as fast as póssible.

Which of the two is better and why?

Thx in advance.

I don’t think there’s a motherboard that supports dual 5960x processors, or if there is then it’s not likely to be very reliable because of lack of competition in that area.

If you want more speed than a 5960x then you would have to go with Xeon processors, but note that the amount you pay for the performance is extremely expensive. Xeons are built to multi-task and be reliable, whereas the 5960x is built for speed. You might consider getting a computer with a 5960x as your workstation and then build a server for building lighting—UE4 has a network rendering tool called Swarm that can work for that.

As darthviper107 said above, although i7-5960x is xtreme edition of high end class cpu, it is still in consumer class, and it doesn’t support dual cpu config or quad cpu config.
I think 5960x is enough for you to build light. However, in pure math, dual xeon 2660v3 still beats dual 5960x
You can do the math here: CPU frequency * CPU cores * CPU number = its/their power (HT and Turbo doesn’t count)
You can use this equation to compare with CPU’s with same architecture and same lithography:)