Dual emissive materials not working with point light

Okay. I have a scene setup to use emissive materials and I decided to setup a test using a point light.

The emissive materials and point light work fine as long as I leave Source length at 0

The emissive cubes that I place in each corner continue to work until source length reaches close to 2000. 1700 and up breaks the lighting.

I’ve tried driving up the lighting resolution on the base object, but all this did was isolate the light of the emissive cubes. Colour splotches around the cubes themselves but no further.

At this moment, I have the lightmap resolution on the base mesh (the one that is used for the lighting) set to 1024. That’s the highest I can go without waiting longer periods for the build to finish

I’ll include a screenshot so that you can see what the behavior I’m referring to.
( Okay. That’s not working. I’m getting a database error. What’s another prefered way of sharing a screenshot. Does Epic prefer to get links from a particular site, or can I post it anywhere? )

If it would help I can attach the scene as a zip file in a reply.

Thanks in advance,