Dropshadow for 3D widget in material? (how to blur a Param2D without mipmaps)

So following a few tutorials I wanted to add a soft dropshadow for 3D widget objects attached to actors or in world (text, images, etc), so when the camera is aimed at an intense light-source, the text does not disappear from view like so:

While I can probably use basic operations to turn a blurred output from a texture into a dropshadow, I have no idea how to do this with Param2D which is the only output given when working on SlateUI objects, which are the only material for 3D Widgets.

I’ve been at this for a few hours now, I’ve found no resources which explain how to solve this problem and don’t really know how to proceed. It seems like something that would be valuable to anybody working in VR, to be able to add a contrast from pure light when dealing with white text – or vice-verca for black text and I’m surprised its not integrated.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.