Drop in/out multiplayer


(Entire game has 2 pawns - One always possessed, 2nd is either AI or player 2)

1 Player - Player starts as a dog with a AI cat sidekick, pressed game pad face button top and changes you to the sidekick cat and the AI now possess the dog

2 Player - If a 2nd player presses game pad special right, possess the AI character and disables the game pad face button top (Meaning one player is a cat and the other player is a dog) - (Also wanting it to enable split screen)

2 Player - If the second player pressed game pad special left,it un-possess the Player 2 character, disables split screen and the AI repossess the un-possessed character

(Not wanting to spawn a new character at player start, just possess from where the secondary character location is current) - (No C++, last time I used that I had to reset my project) Sorry, I know its a bit more complicated than use too

Anyone know how to do either;

  • Player swap
  • Player 2 posses unplayed character
  • Player 2 un-possess player character
  • Enable/disable split-screen