Drive Niagara GPU particles with Niagara Fluids similar to EmberGen

Hi all! Does anyone know if it is possible to Drive Niagara GPU particles with Niagara Fluids similar to EmberGen? So that the sim is rendered as GPU particles and not a VDB. Similar to this video from EmberGen: EmberGen Tutorial: Ink in Water Particles (Smoke Advection) - YouTube

Yes, this is possible with Niagara Fluids. Please refer to the Grid3D Gas Particle Advection template. It does exactly what you are asking for.


I’m trying to find the Grid3D Gas Particle Advection template that Devon mentioned

I have version 5.3, NiagaraFluids and NiagaraSimCaching plugins enabled. I’ve had good luck with basic Niagara Fluid examples

I turned on “Allow Distance Fields (Experimental)” and I turned off “Library Only” to see all the options, but so far I haven’t found the particle advection template.

Has anyone found it and gotten it working? I’d love to try this out!

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Niagara_fluids starter content level, 2.4 Colored Smoke has a Particle Advection, I should be able to figure it out now

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The particle advection is the best example for this!

I’m surprised you don’t see the Grid3D_Gas_ParticleAdvection template when trying to make one? I just checked 5.3 and you should be able to scroll down and find a "Grid3D Gas Particle Advection template under “3D Gas”.

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Yes its not There

Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you so much for the best information. Keep Sharing such content.