《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Releasing Tomorrow (Dec. 15th, 2021 PST)!

Last updated: 2021/07/03
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Hello everyone!

《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Demo patch Ver2.6 is out now!

In this latest update, I implemented a new 3D tutorial UI to replace the old fullscreen 2D UI! This change also comes with an advantage in terms of gameplay - no more pausing in each tutorial section!

Additionally, a new in-game cinematic sequence was added at the end of the tutorial level, depicting the second encounter between Faye and her nemesis!

Download 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Ver2.6 Demo and give it a try!

Have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:


《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Cinematic Sequence - fight on a cargo ship!

Hello, everyone!

See how our female protagonist Faye fights on a cargo ship!

If you like the gameplay, don’t forget to wishlist and stay tuned for more updates of the demo until the release date of the full game this (2021) winter!

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Have a wonderful weekend and a smooth project development everyone! <3


《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Opening Cinematic - Target Eliminated

Hello, everyone!

Before talking about the cinematic opening of 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》, I would like to encourage you to download the latest (Ver 2.5 - 2021 May 20) demo build and give it a try!

If you like the gameplay, don’t forget to wishlist and stay tuned for more updates of the demo until the release date of the full game this (2021) year!

Following the cinematic opening, the identity of our female protagonist has finally revealed - a wanted criminal of the Milky Way galaxy pursued by Interstellar-Empire. During an encounter with a troop of Interstellar-Empire on planet BlueStar, she accidentally (or was tricked into) activates the planet-destruction-procedure, now she needs to avoid her pursuers AND not get killed by an exploding planet!

The adventure of Faye (your character) begins after she was defeated and fell into a hallway ruin. Be prepared to face more enemies from Interstellar-Empire after they learned of your whereabouts and practice your Exos-Arms to traverse the ocean engulfed planet BlueStar!

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Have a great weekend! <3


《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》

Time To Move On

Steam Page



Hello, fellow indie developers!

As you might have noticed in my recent weekly updates, in terms of gameplay content 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 is nearly finished. The demo released last week is the first milestone before the full game release.

Regarding the remaining 6 months, I like to devote my time to create content for gamers - something less technical and easier to swallow for casual audiences. I am still contemplating on the form and the frequency of my future updates, in the meantime, I also need to get prepared for the upcoming TpGS (2021/01/28) event. Both of these tasks require some time to think through thoroughly and get prepared accordingly, which means I won’t be able to provide weekly updates for the coming months.

I will definitely update this thread after the new content is ready to go public - while you are waiting for the next update, please give the demo a try and share your honest opinion with me! =)

Thank you all for reading and sharing your thoughts on my weekly posts for the past 2 years, it’s been a wonderful journey to talk with so many fellow indie developers!

Wish we all have an awesome 2021 and a wonderful weekend! ヽ(´∀`。)ノ
《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Demo Now Available!

Demo version 0.1.8763 Released

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to announce that 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 now has a public demo available for players to try it out before the official release!

Download Link (IndieDB)

Download Link (ItchIO)

This demo contains 2 levels:

A tutorial level where the game will guide you through a series of challenges to help you become familiar with the controls; A puzzle level where you need to solve physics puzzles and engage in combat before leaving the section - giving you a taste of the actual gameplay and help you decide whether you like it or not.

Have fun and enjoy the challenges! =)

(Don’t forget to wishlist 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 on steam! =D)

《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》- DCD School Games Brawl Event

Steam - Steam Page
Itch.IO - DCD School Games Brawl Event
IndieDB - DCD School Games Brawl Event

(*I recorded footage of one of the playtesters trying out my game for the first time! The video was shot with my crappy phone and scale up the resolution to hide the background. I apologize for hurting your eyes with this low-quality video*)


I wrote an article about the interesting findings and observation I’ve gathered during the DCD School Games Brawl Event, I hope you enjoy reading it!!

Have a relaxing weekend peko! :3


《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 Steam Page Is Ready!

Hello everyone,

《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 now has an official steam page! Visit my steam page today and enjoy the fascinating trailer and images!

Additionally, I’m happy to announce the 《Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 forum section on IndieDB is now public! Feel free to share your thoughts on the General Discussion Board at any time!

I hope you have a good time browsing my store and forum!

Have a superb weekend! ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ


《Drifting》 - Game Trailer

Itch.IO - Game Trailer
IndieDB - Game Trailer

Game Trailer

(Music - Alone by Antracto)

This game trailer showcased the works I’ve done over the past year.

Ironically, while I was shooting this video I’ve found quite a lot of bugs and essential game mechanics I have overlooked during my development cycle - although most of them aren’t game-breaking issues - it can easily create an unpleasant experience for players which is the last thing I want from my game.

Before continue working on the final level of 《Drifting》, I’ve decided to spend 1 or 2 weeks fixing the issues I found during video shooting - issues I have no one else to blame but myself. XD

I wish you enjoy this game trailer, feel free to leave a comment, and share your thoughts!

Have a lovely weekend! (●′∀‵)ノ♡


《Drifting》 - Opening Soundtrack

Itch.IO - Opening Soundtrack
IndieDB - Opening Soundtrack

Opening Soundtrack

This video reveals a short clip of the opening soundtrack of 《Drifting》.

As a fast-paced, action-oriented game, I wanted to create a contrast between gameplay and game theme - the idea is to provide a place for players to rest and reflect after a series of non-stop action and challenges. This change of pacing allows players to temporarily loosen up their nerves and mentally prepared for whatever challenges ahead of them, much like a campfire in a dark dungeon or a safe house during a zombie outbreak.

(Music - Emotional Sad Piano by SergeyKolosyuk)

I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of music a few months ago and found out its soothing melody and sad tone perfectly complements the theme of the game. The composition of the opening scene and music largely reveals what this game is about (story-wise) and serves as a prologue to the game.

I hope you enjoy the music and wish you have a relaxing weekend! :3


The Making of Whale

Itch.IO - The Making of Whale
IndieDB - The Making of Whale

(*This beautiful ocean creature is a humpback whale. According to wikipedia, males are able to sing a complex song lasting 10~20 minutes*)

Hello everyone!

In this week’s update, I wrote an article describing the challenges I encountered and the solutions I came up with while making this beautiful ocean creature. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Characters in《Drifting》

Brushing Her Hair

(noticed the shoulder-long hair do not clip through her upper body; also she briefly brushes her hair at 00:17)

One of the main features that come with Nvidia Hairworks API is the ability to pre-assign collision meshes for each hairpiece in its exporting pipeline. Since the protagonist has an over the shoulder hairstyle it is crucial to have a proper collision between her hair and her upper torso and limbs.


To make sure each hairpiece does not clip through her body while performing extreme acrobatic moves, I’ve spent some time adding the necessary collisions to her upper body. Additionally, I’ve also added several small collision spheres on her fingertips, which makes her hair respond to her hand brushing from her forehead through shoulder while in idle state - a small yet delicate feature I’ve been planning to add for a long time, now I’m just glad that my yearning is fulfilled.

I hope you enjoy the small clip of her idle animation, wish you have a wonderful weekend! :3 [HR][/HR]

Scenery in《Drifting》- Cloud, Thunder and Alien Construction: 2020/02/08

(please turn on the audio volume to enjoy the most out of this video)

The game 《Drifting》 has undergone a major graphic overhaul this past week.

The sky sphere color palette was adjusted to make landscape stand out from the scene; lightning and heavy cloud were added to give player a sinister vibe and foreshadow the dark future of the protagonist; the alien construction fallen from the sky indicate an invasion is happening and convey a sense of urgency and drives players to move on to stop a tragedy from happening;

These graphical changes were made not only to provide visual aesthetics but more importantly, to pique players’ interest in to know more about the backstory of the game.

I hope you enjoy the video, have a relaxing weekend and stay healthy! =) [HR][/HR]

**Release Date: TBA

Genre: Third-Person / Shooter / Action / Parkour

Developer: MYW

Platform: PC**

Please feel free to leave a comment or like if you are interested in my game!

(I will send out a PM to you as response =D)


looks cool

Core mechanics in the combat system of 《Drifting》

Grapple Kick

Grapple Stun

Grapple Throw

Feel free to leave a comment :slight_smile:

Core mechanics in the combat system of 《Drifting》

Explosive Kunai

Feel free to leave a comment, and have a great weekend! :3

Traversal and combat technique while wall running.

Wall Run Grapple Throw

Wall Run Grapple Hook

Enjoy this week’s update!

Feel free to leave a comment or like if you are interested in my game =)

That actually looks very atmospheric! Great job! Have you done all of this by yourself? What will the story be about? Just very curious right now! :slight_smile:
Oh and do you have any blog or site or twitter to follow the development path? :slight_smile:

Hi AVDream~

Thank you for your interest. =)

I am a solo developer, I bought all the arts from asset stores, ex: TurboSquid, CGTrader, UE4 Marketplace…etc, however, I use 3ds Max to combine and reskin the models I bought.

The game doesn’t have a story yet, but if you watch the demo video carefully, you’ll definitely notice a contrasting theme in the game: old marble ruins vs. metal structure, free-flowing water vs. cage-like wired fence…etc. The final story (if there is one) will likely revolve around these contradiction themes.

If you like to follow my development progress, you can visit my indieDB page:

The page will be updated weekly, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. =D

Thank you again for your interest and have a great weekend!

Keep up the great work! It feels very interesting now - maybe with some investors’ interest it could become a huge project! :wink:

A glimpse of combat in 《Drifting》

Grapple Throw And Get Hit

A perfect demonstration of the importance of spatial awareness and prioritizing your target in 《Drifting》

Enjoy this week’s update and have a nice weekend! =D

Scenery in《Drifting》

A solemn yet beautiful waterfall

(Click the image for higher resolution)

This image showcases the size comparison between the player and the environment in《Drifting》. Large walls and pillars are made so that the player can maneuver around easily during intense combat.

This summed up this week’s update, feel free to leave a comment or like if you are interested in my game.

Have a great weekend! =D

This looks awesome! I love the slow-mo in there, that should help with the more complex maneuvers :slight_smile:

Scenery in《Drifting》

A softly lit hallway

(Click the image for higher resolution)

I’ve been experimenting with different geometry layout to get a feel of the resulting atmosphere it conveys, and more importantly, how well do my wall running and camera system adapts to the various types of surfaces.

Have a great weekend! =P

Hi everyone!

In this week’s update, I wrote a short article about an improvement of my wall-run dashing mechanics.

(click the .gif to enlarge the image)

Here is the link to the full article. Feel free to leave a comment or like if you are interested in my game :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful weekend!

The grapple stun looks very satisfying. The grapple throw… I like it too. Something about it seems missing though. Maybe it’s just an animation thing. She swings the object away but her arm doesn’t swing with the same movement. Seeing her arm swing in certain directions with the grapple motion matching I feel would be super satisfying. Is this already in the plans?

Hi, McBobbyFresh!

I think what you suggested is on point, but sadly I don’t have the appropriate animation to implement it right now.

I will add the arm swinging animation (while grappling throw) on my to-do list, and see if I can come up with something that gives players the same satisfactory experience as grapple stun.

Thank you for your attention to detail and feel free to leave a comment in my future updates.

Have a wonderful weekend! :3

Scenery in《Drifting》

A secret room

(Click the image for higher resolution)

Besides combat, players proceed to the next level by discovering secret rooms hidden in the world of 《Drifting》.

Have a great weekend! :smiley:

Hello everyone!

In this week’s update, I wrote a short article about the improvements I made for the newly designed UI.

(click the image for higher resolution)

Here is the link to the full article. Feel free to leave a comment or like if you love to see more articles in future updates!

Have a wonderful weekend! :3

A glimpse of combat in 《Drifting》

Ledge Jump

Although players can grapple hook between walls, sometimes, it is much more convenient to do a simple ledge jump to get to the next landing platform.

Enjoy this week’s update and have a pleasant weekend! :3

Characters in《Drifting》

A friendly bot

A friendly bot which can help players to solve puzzles hidden in the world of 《Drifting》.

Isn’t she cute? Enjoy this week’s update and have a pleasant weekend! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in a contracted or full time sound designer shoot me an email zackregansounds@yahoo.com