Drawing 3d models on render target (with transparent background)


What happened to the ability to draw e.g. a character with transparent background to render target using SceneCaptureComponent2D? i cant manage to get a right setup for the scenecapturecomponent and render target texture. I remember it did work fine a while ago, before 4.20 or so.

Anyone knows the right setup for this?


Whats wrong with it, Should work completely fine.

Any setting for the render target in combination with any setting for the SceneCapture Component never has transparency in any case…

Perhaps, describe in detail what you are trying to do.

The screen capture and render target output alpha just fine for me.

Ive found using the setting below outputs alpha though, so i quess ive got to invert the alpha in order to save it to a .png?


Jeah thats correct only HDR can have an Alpha, not LDR. And Yes you need to invert the Alpha by yourself to get a “correct” alpha in you png.
I did it in C++ which is a little complicated, but you could give a post process Material a try.