Draw material to render target problem :(

Hello )

i seen this tutorial and want to apply this method for optimizing materials, but i`m stuck with one problem.

It can`t render materials with 2 UVs set used. 0 - for unique and trims, 1 - for tiled textures.
and then i try to bake … ok, something with tile. like roughness.

1 - how like material actually look
2 - how render target look :frowning:

Is it possible to fix this problem? or i something doing wrong?

P.S. If i place cube and use Scene Capture 2D - render target gives me a proper result ((

hmhmhmhmm… i think i got it…i can`t make a good looking material with 2 uv sets and baking all textures into one :frowning:

Mb it would be helpful for someone.
if use Scene Capture Component in BP - i can make a proper material capture to render target.