Draw Material to HUD is very dark

I posted a question in Answers last week but I’ve had no replies there (

I’m using a SceneCapture2D to create a renderTexture which I am then drawing to the HUD. The image to the right shows this texture being drawn directly to the HUD using Draw Texture in my HUD blueprint class.

For the image on the right I am creating a material from my render texture, then drawing it to the HUD using Draw Material, as you can see it appears very dark in comparison to the Draw Texture method, In the material editor the material appears to be fine.

How should I be setting up my material differently?


I believe SceneCapture2d doesn’t incorporate post-processing… so the output is not the same. In your case, it is probably HDR.

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I may be wrong. But doesn’t it just want to the shading model set to Unlit?

I found a solution here

It isn’t the best, but multiply your color by 1/2.2 and that roughly but not exactly fixes your problem.