Draw lines like DrawDebugLines

Basically I just want a easy way to draw temporary lines between points and the function DrawDebugLines is perfect, besides the fact it doesn’t show up in a packaged program. So my question is is there a easy way to implement DrawDebugLines without that limitation?

Hey azmon6,

DrawDebugLines is usually a developer tool used to debug, so it will lose it’s functional visibility in a packaged project, however you can achieve a similar visual effect in your packaged game through different Unreal utilities.

For instance, you could create your own beam particle without adding any noise modifier, to achieve a “straight line” effect; similar to that seen in DrawDebugLines. I’ve included a screenshot of an actor blueprint, which creates a particle component, then you can set your beam source and target points using a vector variable.

Here is also a link on a tutorial on how to create a beam particle: [Beam Particle (Tutorial)][2]

It is also possible to use a ULineBatchComponent and it’s draw functions to achieve a line draw within your scene.

I’ve included a link to that documentation here: [UlineBatchComponent][3]

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your help, worked after some fine tuning.

watch this. How To Do Line Tracing Using C++ In Unreal Engine - YouTube