Draw dots over a sphere


I’m newbie and I’m trying to draw dots, lines and text over a sphere. Is that possible?


Hmmm, where to start. Most things like that would be a texture. So you would create a 1024x1024 image in Photoshop (or other) with your dots and text, making sure that it is mapped properly to the UVs of your sphere mesh. And you put that image into a material in Unreal Engine. I don’t really know where you’re coming from, so I don’t know how much detail you need. Maybe you are looking for something else?

StephaBon’s answer is probably what you’re looking for, but if you literally want to just display some text over the sphere then you can create a blueprint with:

Scene Component (Root) - To position your mesh.
Static Mesh Component - Static mesh could be the sphere.
Text Render Component - Can dynamically adjust text as you like through SetText node.

Thanks for your answers.

While I’m learning Unreal, I’m knowing what exactly I need. I don’t need a texture. I’m going to draw small lights using player’s position, a distance and an angle. How can I do that?

Still not 100% clear on what these small lights are really going to be.

But it sounds like you want to handle some vector math or something inside the Blueprint for your PlayerController (or anywhere, really). You can do a Line Trace By Channel in order to find a distance to a point in the scene. And then do any sort of math to figure out the angle of that hit point to anywhere else.

Your lights could be actual dynamic point lights (please don’t), or maybe you want a dot pattern overlay for the whole screen that gets masked to where your hit object is. I haven’t really messed with something like that, but it sounds like a Blendable (Post Process Material), which also doesn’t work on mobile FYI.