Drastic shift in light intensities moving between Mac and PC

I’m working with developers across Mac and PC platforms, seeing lights with same intensity settings on both ends displaying much darker on the Mac side, overblown on PC. I see someone posted about identical behavior on AnswerHub, Everything Else discussion group. That was back in April with no responses. I’m hoping somebody here knows something. Thanks for sharing.

Gamma IS 2.2 on a PC older Macs 1.8 that is probably the issue.

Thanks. I was aware of that from way back, but oddly this wasn’t an issue for the same PC and Mac when our previous project was built in 4.6. In any event, if this indeed is the culprit, is there a way to globally compensate for gamma within Editor when working between platforms? Many thanks.

My memory is hazy on the subject but I think it has to do with Gamma correct textures. That is if it’s the textures that are rendering differently - if it’s lights then I have no idea.

Maybe this will help? Art by Plunkett