Dragging many static meshes in the scene at once crash the editor

Was fine in 4.9
I was able to drop 500+ static mesh at once in the viewport.
Now in 4.11 preview 2 If I try to drop 20+ meshes at once I get an instant crash!

Hey heartlessphil,

Can you post your DxDiag here in a text file and the call stack from your crash? Make sure to include the machine/epic ID so I can reference your submitted crash report in our system.

Also, is this happening in a blank project or only in your personal project?

Thank you!


Just as a test until you can respond I tried getting the editor to crash by seeing if memory consumption was an issue, but trying to get to the point where 32gb was filled was quite difficult, but even on the upper end of that did not crash for me. So, any additional details you can provide would be helpful when you get time.


Hi Heartlessphil,

Since we’ve not heard back from you in the past few days I’m going to mark this as resolved for the moment. If you’re still getting the crash and would like to provide the information previously requested I can look into this further.

To re-open the ticket you only need to reply here and I can investigate this further.

Thank you!