Drag N Drop Inventory Pickup Problem


I am referring to this tutorial:Training Stream - Drag and Drop w/ UMG - July 21st, 2015 - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums (all 3 parts)
Seems like using version 4.9 produces some problems with this system as it can be seen here from various people.

I have downloaded and tested it from the project Wes Bunn created too. There is another problem:
When you pickup an item and add it to the inventory, when you drag and drop it into the world, instead of nulling the image and clearing the “inventory objects”, it reduces inventory objects(deleting them). That being said, when I pickup 5 items and then drop them in the world(outside of inventory) and EVEN IF my inventory shows empty after I dropped them (the images and inventory objects should be cleared), when I go to pickup another item, it says inventory full as all inventory objects have been removed/deleted and there is no space to hold an item.

If you want to test it too, then watch the variable “inventory objects”, try to pickup 3 items, then drop them to the world and then try to pickup anoter 3 items again. You will see (if you have 5 inventory objects that is) that the second time you will not be able to pickup the last remaining item.

Can we have a fix for that please?

Thanks in advance

Wes Bunn where are you? :smiley:

Hey Innos, I’ll try to take a look at this later today and provide an update.

Some things may have changed which disrupted the project I created. I am aware that the project was not without its faults, it was by no means perfect. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at your issues and see what solutions can be made to the system and re-post the project.


lol… we’re human, I found the mistake. You are absolutely correct. Inside the HUD Widget Blueprint on the Dropped Item Function, the comment box that says “Removes item from Inventory Menu and Removes item from Inventory Objects (“Bag”)”… I actually removed the index instead of nullifying it. :frowning:

It should look like this instead:

Testing this now, I can pickup 5 items, drop them all then pick up items again.

Here’s the updated project too: https://www.sendspace.com/file/gz6lb7


Thanks for your reply!
That’s awesome Wes! How about when you pickup the item, the inventory gets 2 images instead of 1 (like described here Why is it putting 2 items in my inventory when I pick up an item in version 4.9? - Editor Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums)?
The above fix works like a charm! Tested it now! Thanks!

Here is a picture of my pickup overlap event:

I don’t know if the above fix did the trick or the update I made to 4.9.1 but now when I pickup an item, I get 1 image only!!!

Thanks Epic, once again you rule!

Keep us posted if you have additional issues, I hadn’t encountered the double pickup so if it occurs again let us know and I’ll take a look.

Cheers mate.


The download is not available??? Please put it back up, Wes, something’s wrong with mine.

Howdy Ovr,

Sorry about the project not being available on 4.10. There is currently a bug (UEDOC-2682) in the project that we are looking into so that we can push this project to 4.10. Earlier versions of the project are still available if you would like to download those.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about the ‘Inventory UI with UMG’ project.

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m working in 4.9 Is there a version working for that? If so can you link it to me?

Hey Ovr,

There are two separate locations where you can learn more about this project. We have a YouTube video series (version 4.8 and up) that provides a hefty amount of information about Wes Bunn’s Tutorial for Inventory UI with UMG. Here is a link to that series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4tltrLLVuQ&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gZalvQWYs8sc7RP_-8eSr3i

Also, on the Unreal Launcher, we have the project available for you to download. Once you open the Launcher, navigate to the Learn tab on the Left of the window. Once this is selected, look for the “Gameplay Concept Examples” Section (this section is about halfway down the page). You should be able to see the Inventory UI with UMG examples created by Wes. Once clicked on, there is a version drop down on the right of the Launcher window and you should be able to select 4.9 from this dropdown. All you would have to do is download and should be good to go.

If you are unable to see this version or having any issues, please let me know so that we can get this issue sorted out.

Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you but that example is a different Inventory system (the one in Gameplay Concept Examples I mean, I’ve already watched the youtube videos). That inventory system didn’t utilize drag-and-drop and I have a lot of features designed around drag-and-drop functionality. If not there, maybe there’s another example of this somewhere else? In another project perhaps?

Hey Ovr,

I want to redo this as an actual tutorial series and not part of the Twitch Stream. The Inventory with UMG project is a little outdated now and was created well over a year ago. I’d like to replace it with the updated system that uses drag-and-drop. The next free day I have, I will recreate the project and outline an updated video series covering it. It’s been on my mind to get rid of the one that is on the launcher anyway so it gives me more reason to redo the video series/project again. So many projects and tasks, so little time.


Hey Guys,

sry to dig out this Thread. I think there is a little problem in this Inventory System.
For Example: If you have 5 Objects with the same Image in your Inventory and you drag any Object that is not on the first slot (slot0 in the Tutorial) to your action bar and use it, the object on the first slot will be removed.
Also if you take the object on the last slot and use it, it will remove all other objects with the same Image in the previous slots before it gets to the right one.

This is very problematic if you have multiple Objects with the same ItemImage. I try to find a solution for myself but could you please look into that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Wes,

I Have followed this tutorial on 4.10.2 and it all seems to work great apart from 1 or 2 problems. In the last half of the 3rd video you showed how to make the icons get deleted. Up until this its was all fine, my items were collected, into the “bag”, and dragged into the action bar all great. When i completed the last part of the video on how to deleted the items it gives me a strange problem. I collect fine, objects in the bag fine, but when i drag them into the action bar they get deleted…Even stranger, if i move the action bar slightly first, then drag them in, it works ? Please can you help and thank you for the videos they are great…



Still on my radar. UMG has undergone some changes since this was created so I need to redo the tutorial series (as well as the Inventory UI with UMG project that is on the Learn Tab as that is over a year old). I plan to re-release the series with the Drag-and-drop method that I showed in the Twitch stream with all the kinks worked out (I do recall a bug with dragging the inventory menu onto the Action bar as well). This will probably have to be done after GDC in two weeks as we are all slammed on that at the moment. Appreciate the patience, and I will get to this as soon as I can.


I have the same issue working in 4.11.1. I hope they will release the workaround or the project so I can see if its just mine or just how things are done. Great project overall but the “Resets all the buttons that use the dropped item” section seams to be causing the issues or somewhere beyond that point.

Hi all I found my issue and it is now working with 4.11.1 in the On Drop Section I didn’t have the return Node Checked. This caused my problems you can see this in video 3 @ 29:13. I hope this helps. Thank you Wes Bunn for the tutorial!

Any news about new series of this tutorial?

Jumping into the thread here for an update. With the release of the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial series, this is next on my list of things to tackle as the project that is on the marketplace and the video series is out of date. I’ve written a How-to doc page (which will be included in the UMG section of our documentation) which should be published soon as its going through internal reviews before being make public. As for this series, I’m working on creating a new project that includes some of the new features of UMG as well but I don’t have an exact time frame just yet. Will keep you posted.