Drag-n-drop based navigation in VR

I was wondering how would drag-n-drop navigation feel, where instead of moving or teleporting around the world you would drag it.

I did a small prototype based on the VR template and it actually feels very good - there’s no more need to think about wires or where do you face when you want to turn around, as you can simply rotate the world instead.
It is more precise than teleporting and doesn’t cause motion sickness (except for when you rotate the world with two hands and turn your head with the same speed).

Here’s a short video that shows how it looks like:

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this method of navigation yet (perhaps I wasn’t looking good enough?), and now sharing this concept in hope to see it in more projects :slight_smile:

Update (20.10.16):
I have just tried the VR Editor UE4 experimental feature… I had no idea there is the same approach, lol.

Hey Kulexandr

I am working on stuff, long story short, that stuff is exactly what i need, is there some blueprint somewhere i can find that does the “monkey walk” (it is the name it has been given in an unreal live training) from the VR editor or something ?


Very nice! I think it will be suitable for strategy games in VR