Drag & drop features


I have three tasks which I can’t solve with current drag&drop in 4.5:

  1. When I’m creating default visual (on drag event) it spawns in left upper corner of dragabble object. So, it snaps not under the cursor, but with some shift accordingly. How to place it right under cursor ?

  2. Default visual (widget) rendering is horrible: image should be trasnparent. But instead it’s just black in transparent space. Plus image have been some sort of noised and blured.


And that’s how this widget actually looks like:


Don’t worry about number in center. It was removed by logic of construction.

  1. Is there some sort of “begin on drag over event” and “end on drag event” ? I need to do some stuff with dropable widget right after draged object leaved this dropable widget local space.

Did you find a solution to this?

I’m wondering how to detect when a drag over is finished, I need to execute some logic as well once the “drag over” event is completed / when the mouse leaves the dragged over object.