Drag and move with VIVE Controller

Hi, I use a project with the standard VR template. In VR preview I can teleport, but nog drag and move the VR camera.

What I want is the same like in the VR mode button, hold the Vive controller’s side button and drag and pull to move around.

Are there any tutorials or ready BP for it I can use and learn from?
Thnaks in advance!

Are the navigation settings in VR mode (unreal editor) also available as BP for use in your own VR project?

These navigations are so cool! Grabing and moveing with controller, nice teleport possibilities and cool looking laserbeam-pointer.

Anyone an idea?

Did find this site with BP in an earlier post: UE4 VR drag-n-drop navigation www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgGGBQc6fVM - Album on Imgur

But I have no idea how to make them (there is nog download of the BP)

Maybe this is something that works for me?

Maybe there are downloads somewhere to made an easy implement in my own project?

I remade the BP’s and it’s working perfect!!