Drag And Drop

Hello, i did same things in this tutorial Creating Drag and Drop UI | Unreal Engine Documentation

But i have a problem with on drop. When i drop the widget, widget dissappears.
Can someone please help me ? :slight_smile:

Show us your script for onDrop.

You’re not getting AccessNone errors with this? Nothing in the log?

Also, is there any reason why you’re not using Payload for this?

Can you put a print string after Cast Failed - I might be wrong but I feel your widget gets garbage collected.

Instead of plugging self into widget reference, plug it into Payload - that’s the default way the DragDrop operation holds onto the dragged widget’s reference.

When you drop it, drag a wire from Operation, get Payload → Cast directly to your widget, add it to viewport.

I posted.

No i don’t get any error.

No reason.I don’t know how to use it, What’s that for?

There are lots of widgets here. How can i use the payload ?

I put print string after cast failed. But it didn’t call it . And i also put print string after on drop. Also didn’t call it.

still doesn’t work ? where is my fault here ?

Yes my drop never gets called

still doesn’t work. I think the problem is on Drop is never getting called.

yes it is visible.

This is Inventory Widget. And i put this on the Main Widget(Another Widget). And my blueprints called inside Inventory Widget.

And i also put print string after on

So hold on, your drop never gets called?

No, no, just plug in Self into Payload and Drag Visual, not need to create another widget.

Yup, definitely, regardless of everything we talked about, the drop should work.

So, is the widget that you’re dropping into set to Visible?