Download or create UE4 skeleton?

Hey guys, how do you deal with creating animations/rigging?
Are you using your own skeleton or did you downloaded UE4 skeleton somewhere?

I just created and animated my own skeleton in blender, however that skeleton is not good and i dont want to make another bad skeleton so i would like to download UE4 skeleton… but is it possible? I tried to export->import UE4 mannequin to blender but it has broken bones…

i just started messing with animations few days ago and i like it! :slight_smile: so any advices for novice animator are welcome.

Never ever create your own Epic rigging and use the download version unless you are creating animations from scratch.

Hi @FrankieV - Related question:

Any views dude, on using Mixamo-skel vs UE4-skel, when incorporating anims from different sources

Especially when you’re just working from placeholder-characters and the final meshes aren’t known yet…

Yeah sure… Buy MotionBuilder :wink:

Sorry if it’s an expensive solution but the Mixamo skeleton is MB compatible and I have a template for the Epic rig so it’s a over coffee and donuts process to re-target.

For our project though we are using the Genesis 3 frame work for all of our player models so when we purchase animations, like Kubold’s which include the “MotionBuilder” source files, we do a quick 123 re-target and make the package available to the rest of the team (coders)

Place holder wise we don’t do them. Locomotion is more or less done so if the coder needs an action state they make a copy of the base t-pose animation, create a source chain, and I replace it with the desired animation and the next time they reload tada it’s there.

Interesting, thanks for sharing your workflow… :slight_smile:

Thanks! I found blender files from some livestream so now i have epic skeleton. However it does not fit to my character very well. Can i move/scale/rotate skeleton to fit my mesh? Im asking because i read on marketplace guidelines: *“4. Skeleton must not be scaled.” *but my character hands are little shorter than epic skeleton…

Don’t worry about that)

Oh, that is probably not what im looking for.
Check this and look at hand:
I want to make all animations and meshes by myself. I extracted Epic Skeleton from mesh and now i want to animate this epic’s skeleton. Lets say i made 50 animations for epic skeleton and now i want to create other character meshes. So my idea is to create new character mesh and then fit skeleton to that mesh, so when i import mesh to UE4, it will be skeleton and animation compatible… **<- Is this right workflow? **
i dont want to retarget skeletons inside UE4 because i found it not very easy + i dont have control in it like in blender, if i make mistake with a rotations/locations a little, then it will deform animations a bit…

That is the workflow I have used and found that it was the most sensible solution. I just imported default mannequin, deleted mesh, and saved skeleton as .fbx. Then use the skeleton to attach to whatever mesh: size it, bind, and paint skin weights. Also I leave the root and ik bones in original place and make sure there is no weight influence on those. No retargeting needed, just set all bones to skeleton in skeleton tab, then setting root and pelvis to animation scaled. This method only takes about an hour per character and you have a consistent skeleton across all characters.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: your post encouraged me.