Download: Flipbook Maker for Blackmagic Fusion

I created a flow for Blackmagic Fusion to simplify the creation of flipbook animations and want to share it with you.
The download to the flow file can be found on the bottom of this post.
Fusion is a highend and free (up to 4k res) compositing software. you can get it here.

Attached is a screenshot
I can´t explain in depth how to use Fusion at this point.
Basically You start by loading an image sequence of at least 64 frames and it will output a tga file with an 8x8 flipbook tiling.
The default size of the final image is 1600px where each tile is 200px. You can change the size by changing the size of the background
and accordingly the size of each tile. So for example if you want it to be 2000px a tile needs to be 250. Final resolution / 8 = tile size.
It supports alpha.

What the nodes do in particular order.

Loader: Load your image sequence. This can be any size and should be at least 64 frames.
Channel booleans: This is set to “pass through” by default. If your sequence has an alpha channel you can leave this turned off.
If you turn it on it will create an alpha channel from the luminance of the footage and will override every previous alpha channel.
If you don´t have and want an alpha channel at all you can also leave it turned off.
Crop: In case your frames come from a video or some source that is not square use crop to make it square and adjust the position.
resize: this is where you define the tile size. 200 default for a final output size of 1600px.
Background: This defines the final output size and background color.

After that follow 64 merger and time delays to create the actual tiles.

Finally the saver. Set the output path and file type. Default a compressed tga with alpha channel.
Hit render to write out the filpbook file.

By default the project is set to render frame 0 only. If you have a longer sequence or video you can scrub through the timeline an take any frame you like to render out.
Or even a sequence of files.

The tiling amount can´t be changed for the moment.