Downgrading/installing UE 4.26

Hi everyone!? Maybe I have choosen wrong category, but i really need a help. Now i have UE5.2.1, but I also need to install UE4.26 or 4.27 on my computer, but I cant see ones in my Epic Games launcher. Does anybody knows how to install UE4?

p.s. the reason why I need UE4 is that i want to follow some particular tutorials about using DMX fixtures, author is using UE 4.26, UE5 has a different interface, so i cant find anything

The arrow near the actual version should open a list with all the available versions.

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there is no list of previous versions when i press the arrow


Greetings @DemyanTs

Welcome to the Unreal Engine forums! The icon you’re wanting to click is that ‘+’ above version 5.2.1. It appears to be greyed out. I pulled up a post where some users were having this same issue and found a work-around to resolve it. Here’s a link to that post. I hope that this will resolve your issue! Post back here if you have any trouble.

Not the one near the launch, you can’t donwgrade an installed version, but near the 5.1.1, there you choose the version before installing it. By default it set the latest available version.