Doubt about a FleX project running on AMD cards

Hey guys! I’m using Nvidia’s Gameworks FleX in my project and I know that the game doesn’t even start if you have an AMD card. But if I add an option to override all FleX assets in the level by common particles, meshes or anything that doesn’t use FleX, could AMD users play my game by turning off this option, or there’s something with FleX projects that necessarily requires a Nvidia card to initialize, even if there’s no FleX feature potentially used in the level? Thanks for reading! (Sorry for my bad english)

That doesn’t sound intentional, have you verified this yourself? Maybe post this in the gameworks thread so someone from Nvidia might be able to have a look at it.

Daniel thanks for your answer! I presume that this happens because FleX is something exclusive of Nvidia cards and the FleX demo doesn’t start on AMD cards at all. I don’t think that the same technology but baked in UE4 could have a different behavior.

Update: Is there a gameworks thread? Wow sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place D:

FleX should only require Nvidia hardware for hardware acceleration, like PhysX and VXGI, with those both working on desktops without Nvidia hardware. If adding FleX to a project caused it to flat out not work -period- on AMD hardware without a way to disable it, nobody would bother adding it. This sounds more like a bug than anything, I highly recommend you post in the Gameworks thread, with a crash log if possible. I know a few people from Nvidia check the thread every week or two, it’s the best way to get a response.

Killing Floor 2, for example, upon a quick Google search, supports FleX particles but still runs on AMD hardware just fine by having an option in the options menu to disable it. I would imagine that’s possible in the UE4 integration as well.

That’s true but I would like to know if the FleX assets are simply overrided in the level or if is there’s some global option to disable FleX in some way that allows the game to run on other cards, if the game doesn’t just disabling the assets. (Maybe FleX library still loads even if there’s no asset used in the level)