double sided glass material problem

it`s just working wrong, double sided geometry on mesh is enabled, two sided on material enabled too, is it a bug or i don’t know something?

Two-sided on a material, in the doc says it doesn’t work with static lighting because the mesh only uses a single UV set (on one side I’m assuming) and the other side is lit the same as the first side (outer windshield). However, it could also extend to differently shaded sides in that one side is not processing the lightmap UV set of the first side because it doesn’t have a lightmap of its own. A windshield or curved surface mesh probably requires a different lightmap for each side to light correctly. Then double-sided and/or two-sided may not even be required to enable. It’s a common issue, as can be seen in the forums, with the latest versions 4.24 and 4.25, especially 4.25.

Try the Thin Translucent Shading Model, and utilize the material properties for translucency to see if a fix is actionable.