Double log lines on IOS - please help my eyes!

Example of duplicate lines:

LogTemp:Display: ID: 
2016-02-16 07:30:30.523 MM_04[4987:2333865] [2016.02.16-15.30.30:523][  7]LogTemp:Display: ID: 

Settings like…

    GPrintLogTimes = ELogTimes::None;
    GPrintLogCategory = false;

…only seem to affect the first line.

How do I get rid of the duplicate display that’s making my IOS logs VERY hard to read?

This is looking at the log in XCode.

Is the iphone writing to a file somewhere and printing that to the debug stream as well as my original request?

My eyes are still bleeding!

Still hurting :slight_smile: This is viewing the log live in xcode.

ow! still getting the double log lines in xcode…

My eyes are still burning!

I have a solution it’s not the right solution.

Using FGenericPlatformMisc::LowLevelOutputDebugStringf works around the problem.

There must be some UE_LOG setting that prevents/creates this issue…

This doesn’t work on PC, but does on iOS so I’m branching on a preprocessor option - so nice to be able to read my logs without the pain.