Double jump doesn't work on multiplayer

Can someone tell em why this isn’t working?
I’m trying to run it in multiplayer.

According to this, you just the double jump just by hitting space, and both “jump” actions take effect within the same tick…

also, Jump only executes if the player is grounded, so you may just need to apply impulse to the player character instead if in midair.

Plus some better double jump detection, like is grounded, or, setting a has jumped bool (otherwise you wont be able to do a midair jump if you just fall off a cliff say)

It use to work fine.

The first time your prissed it, N=1. so you jumped.
Then second time N=2 so you have impulse added,

The thing is when impulse is added I think, because of multiplayer it stopped working.

It was working before I added multiplayer though.

EDIT: I have found that this is caused by the launch character node and multiplayer. Why does this not work?

So the server jumps, but the clients dont?
you may need to execute the code server side, and replicate the changes out to the clients using “Switch has authority”

This doesnt work.

I’m going to attempt a solution. Had a similar problem, couldn’t fix it for hours on hours.
It turned out that there is a variable called “JumpMaxHoldTime”. Personally i use C++, but this was my problem.

This is an old question, but im posting because everytime i googled my problem this question came up.
(Mine was wall jumping)

Hopefully this helps.

Side note! if you do change this variable then this enables infinite jump so an if statement that works off a jump counter is recommended.