DOTA Grass

How in the world do they make the grass in the DOTA games?

This is less of I want to copy the style, but more of I want to understand how it is implemented so I can recreate it my own way.

I have tried implementing several ways but it never looks good.

what bugs me out is it looks like some areas have basic foliage blades or a texture map on a plane/decal. Other times it looks like a flat texture, other times it looks like a sort of landscape paint blend… Yes i have tried implementing all three at once. It never looks any where near that style…

any ideas on the process for this?:

doesn’t really look that good. And honestly there has to be a post process applied to it anyway, so that’s probably how the decal look comes in place.

For good gass you need a few things.
A good base mesh with vertical normals.
understanding on how to create a good grass material.
and a proeper light settings on the world, which impact the look a ton.
Last but not least, patience.

It will take you 20 to 30 iterations to get something that looks good when creating it from scratch.
its just the name of the game and why professionals make decent $.

Have you checked the grass directly in the editor? Maybe that will give you some hints on how it was set up.

Not sure to what extent you can check individual models, but you can definitely load up the Dota2 map and have a look. IIRC you need to install the Dota 2 SDK though since the editor isn’t included in the base game.

Hmm vertical normals, I have to look into that. Yea in no way was I saying i think its the best looking grass LOL however i am trying to achieve a “stylized” look for a kids game i’m working on and realistic doesn’t work well with the look i’m going for. Im trying to get it to look “fluffy” without using massive amounts of individual strands of grass per se.

I have no idea how to get the meshes. I never played or have dota or any SDK installed for dota LOL. how would i get those grass models to check out in editor? I have a feeling im going to be installing the dota 2 sdk just to learn how its done LOL

I found this image. am i crazy or does it just look like a hand painted flat texture?