Door with Lightmass

Hello again,

a couple of months ago I posted a thread asking about static Lighting and movable doors… Because they need to be movable objects they aren’t calculated with lightmass and hence look bad… has someone maybe figured out another way to make it work, or do I still need to have a completely dynamic light setting for it to properly work?

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JayCox of on3studio

You might want to link to that previous thread if you want to continue a discussion. Additionally, you might want to post an image of your scene, as there is no one solution for this, it’s mostly a case of certain tricks working better in certain situations.

In general there are two options that work just fine in most cases:

  • Use the indirect lighting volume samples from lightmass combined with dynamic direct light from stationary and movable lights.
  • Set the object to “light as if static”. This will make the object blend in perfectly in their initial state, but it highly depends on the movement and lighting setup how well this holds up when moving.

This is the thread:

Back then the “Light as if static” didn’t work… but since I moved the light sources there are no shadows that need to move with it… so that works in this case just fine enough :slight_smile:
Thanks for reminding me!