Door Animation Not Replicating over Listen Server

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue where a simple door animation won’t replicate over the network. For some reason when the server player interacts with the door the animation displays on both the client and server, but if the client tries to interact with the door the animation won’t replicate to the listen server. I have tried so many different combinations, I am sure there is a simple solution to this. Here is a screenshot of the current blueprint:


‘Door’ actor is owned by server, so client can’t send messages to server about it. Player, however, can. You’ll need a function that is replicated from client to server, in your PlayerController, than will invoke door’s, “replicate to clients”.

Client replicates towards server, only RPCs that are executed on ‘owning actors’ – being owned by Local Player Controller; so that will be only Player Controller Actor, and Player Character, (possibly more if you create more actors that belong to the same controller).

Thanks for the quick reply! To be honest I am a little confused as to how to access the client player controller to execute a function that plays the door animating, can you give a little more specifics as to how I would do that? Text or visuals would really help! I do understand the overall gist of the above mentioned solution, but when it comes to accessing player controllers over a network I am by no means competent in the subject matter.

Can anyone help with this?

did you watch epic’s videoabout networking?

Yes. He doesn’t go over using multiple pawns and having them all interact with an object. It’s easy to have the server player interact with the environment and have it show up on the client’s end, but the challenge comes with the client interacting with the environment and showing up on the server’s end.

The attached screenshots show how it needs to be setup in the Door BP itself, and in the Player Controller.