So… Doom 4 has some gameplay footage now… The action looks way to slow for me… But that may just be me.
Here is the vid. ?v=xVaWl1GtDHU
So, what are you’re thoughts guys? Is this a Doom game… Or some other game.

I have to agree, but beside that it looks really cool! :smiley:

if you watch the other video where he’s running around with the super shotgun I’d say it’s a Doom game:)

Yes, that is faster. But doesn’t it look like it has a slow reaction time? Hope it’s not a slow shooter console game. Because doom2 multiplayer requires some fast reaction time! (Also, Were is the metal music?)
The graphics are really nice though. :slight_smile:

Yeah it looks nice and as usual the id created characters are great, the gore system is pretty visceral and fits the gameplay, but the thing that most impressed me was snapmap, they sort of killed and rebirthed the doom modding scene in one hit

Couldn’t agree more. I hope this game actually resembles Doom when it is done. There is nothing wrong with changing the formula… But for right now, It doesn’t look as fast paced as the other games. But we shall see! (I really want this game to be good!)

They are already calling it the most violent game ever made

So far I’ve seen worse. But again, I think it’s not as violent when you are killing demons and dead things. (Violence doesn’t really make the game. But for doom… It helps quite a bit!)

The crowd cheered the most during the chainsaw scenes and when he ripped the dead guys arm off and used it on the handprint scanner, they pretty cleverly use extreme violence in it

Yes, yes it is! (But still… At least I’m not killing innocents. I’m lookin at you Hatred.)
The gameplay is the only thing worrying me at this point. It just looks to slow. Or is it just me?

P.S. let’s not start anything over hatred!

I think the snapmap sytem will allow users to control that more, the multiplayer segment seemed much faster than the singleplayer and also the jumping seemed like it would add alot of speed to gameplay

You are right. The multiplayer looked much faster. But did you notice how long it takes for the reticle to move? Or am I really crazy!?

P.S. I hope jumping is used quite a bit. But not to the point of a platformer.

EDIT: Forgot to say something about snapmap. It’s a great looking system! I hope to use it! :slight_smile:

I thought it looked slower because the stream couldn’t do 60 fps, ill watch a youtube version and see, and I doubt from the looks of it that it uses the megatexture system from idtech 5(rage, new wolf), which for me ruined the visuals(although with tweaking it could be improved, unless on console lol) snap in modular systems have no use for a texture so large that it can only be baked in to the level with a 100 core renderfarm

I thought it ruined the visuals too. Just didn’t look right.

The rage editor is great if you play the maps you make in slowmap mode before the megatexture is built, theres no texture pop in at all, they only made the rage editor because carmack promised they would very early on and there was little to no documentation or support and virtually nothing was ever made with it that was released by the community, I think the snapmap gamble will really pay off for them and will probably be used in games like wolfenstien or keen remakes in the future and obviously quake with the snapmap system

I hope it is! It looks really cool! ( keen! He needs to return!)

Gameplay is slow? You gotta be kidding!

For once, it was played on a console with a gamepad. So yeah, such gameplay will be always slower than with kb+m. Plus, they were showing off the game. Would be kinda hard to see details with crazy fast movement and frantic action. Actually, if you saw MP footage the movement was faster than in SP.

Either way, it’s an insta-buy for me :slight_smile:

D4 looks incredible, that is all.

Bethesda honestly took a big dump on everybody this year by going first. They nailed it.

Yeah it was marketing genius…and at the end after the real pip boy via phone app they announced the mobile fallout game which is released right now, thereby having a free game in peoples hands for the entire night before anyone else could present anything and nearly every presentation on day 2 included one of their games as well

Yep, Bethesda had a good year at E3. Now let’s see how much they deliver on? (I didn’t know it was done on a gamepad! I hate those things! Mouse and keyboard for me! :slight_smile: )