Dont know how to get to project browser

I know its a stupid question but I just downloaded this yesterday and I’m just learning how to do stuff. I was following the level designer quick start tutorial and it told me to go to the project browser so I looked up how to get there and it told me to click file and select new project but that option isn’t there for me. I’m really confused so any help would be great.

To get to the project browser, open up the Epic Games Launcher and go to Library.

Now, at the top of the launcher under “Engine Versions”, all currently installed versions of UE4 are shown. If you click “Launch” on any of them, the project browser for that version will launch. There are two tabs here, “Projects”, which lists existing projects, and “New Project”, which allows you to create a new project and choose a template for it.

No questions are stupid, unless you already have the answer. :slight_smile: