Don't dynamic shadows exist in UE4? :O

Gosh!!, I have been working for 6 months in UE4 to present a project, but somebody told me today: -Hey!! It still is unreal, I don’t watch the shadow of the objects, so your project is not going to be approved-

So, I tried to enable something like a casth shadow option but the project has the capability to move objects in real time, so I noticed the objects in “movable” option don’t cast any shadow at all.

Do you know if I can do something to solve this issue? I don’t wanna to lose all my work :'C

Thank you!!

This isn’t object issue is light issue. If light was set on static the shadows was baked on build. If you set light on stationary it cast shadow in runtime but cant be moved and Movable is cast shadow evrytime. Sto try to set all lights you dont use for artistic purpose and set them to Stationary and few on movable and see if it solve the issue

For artistic purpose (for fake illumination) usualy you disable shadows on the lights, decrease the atenuation and make it stationary. But in this case is only for artistic purpose so it can’t cast shadows.