DOF with raytraced glass

Hi everyone, I’m a 3d artist, currently exploring UE4. It’s really cool, but I’m having some issues regarding the glass shader combined with the DOF. A little bit about the scene:

Using UE 4.25.3. The Glass material is an instance of the one from Automotive Material Pack. Raytracing & DX12 are turned on in Project Settings. There’s a PostProcessVolume in the scene where Translucency is set to the Ray Tracing type.

Without the DOF the glass is looking great. With a CineCamera with DOF however, the glass is rendered with incorrect depth (please see attached). On the picture you can see two glasses, standing next to each other at same distance away from the camera. The non-translucent glass is in focus, while the translucent one is out of focus for most part.

I’ve done some research and seen suggestions to try enabling/disabling “Render After DOF” option in the Material Details. With Raster Translucency I get a better result with that turned ON. With Raytracing in PostProcessVolume enabled, that option doesn’t do anyhting at all for my scene.

How can I get the DOF to work properly on the glass? Many thanks in advance for your time, and apologies if I’m missing something very obvious, this is completely new land for me.


maybe this article will help