DOF problem

i have problem in output sequence when i render out my video i don’t see post process effects even i setup them very well and it show in game play but do sent show if final export from matinee

here in game play mode


here final export


docent have same look don’t know why

based on the texture resolution and lack of AA in the final result, it looks like the settings are lower on the second image (resulting in the Post Processing also being removed)

okay if the quality low and settings are lower how can i rise up this quality to be like what i see in game play mode?

and i don’t get this part about AA what AA means

i’m not programmer i’m just motion effects designer

AA Means Anti Aliasing and for that i have the same problem when i play in a new window it’s okey but when i play in an standalone it’s like you have put the engine scalability to low
i don’t know why but that happened to me when i switched to 4.9 is it a bug or something we are messing
i will look into the ini late in the day and i will post here any update

okay problem is solved simply go to settings > Project settings > Rendering
and change Anti - aliasing method to FXAA
its Temporal AA by default

Hooray :smiley:

Glad you found that, but I think that is a short-term solution. For example, the FXAA/TXAA shouldn’t cause such a big change in the DOF.

I suggest… For one thing if you set it to TXAA in a Post Process Volume and set Screen Percentage to 150% or 200% you’ll find a nice blend of crispness and softness. You should also tweak the DOF in the Post Process Volume (make sure it is “Unbound”) and Matinee should render it accordingly (unless there is another Matinee overriding it).

Hence, I propose the “Master Post Process Volume” technique.

Firstly check that the “Engine Scalability” in the Editor is always set at Epic. UNCHECK the “Monitor Editor Performance” as it can suddenly turn down the quality settings.

OK, now what I like to do is turn OFF all the default Post Process in the Project Settings.

Then I set a new Post Process Volume and set the Priority of that very high (100 or 1000, say). Make sure it is Unbound.

This way I know it will be the “Master” Post Process Volume and I go there to tweak all the settings like DOF, TXAA, etc.

Be sure to also set the Screen Percentage to 150% or 200% if possible (A kind of SSAA (Super Sample Anti Aliasing)). I find that TXAA with SSAA gives some superb results.

TRY: When exporting out of Matinee ensure you export out of Matinee to PNG frame-by-frame (preferred) or to movie at the proper specified resolution.

TRY: Exporting PNG from Matinee at 4K then create MP4 using FFMpeg, downscale to 2K, 1080p, etc.

TRY: Use Nvidia Shadowplay to record with suitable TXAA and SSAA settings.

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I am passionate about rendering the best out of Unreal Engine 4, check out this DX12 4K export from Matinee (scene by Liam Tart from Marketplace):

For the “Showdown VR” from Epic Games from Marketplace, I went in and re-lightmapped the scene and added a “Master” Post Process Volume (and tweaked a PPV in a Matinee Actor that was causing overexposure). I imagine for motion graphics the “Master” PPV will be crucial in getting the scene you want, including as I suggest SSAA+TXAA if possible, FXAA will still cause antialiasing issues. I’m only on an Nvidia 660M and this is a screen capture so it’s only 1080p, you can download the higher-quality 1080p MP4 in the video description:

If any experts can sound in, that would be great. Cheers.

thank you so much for your full description yes i have solved my problem and i’m satisfied of the result but i’m sure it can become even more nicer with all what you mention too my goal to create motion graphics inside UE4 because it save so much time for rendering not like render in 3d software like 3ds max or cinema 4d so i start use it for that and i know it can do more things over that it’s game engine :slight_smile: so i just use it in my way
about post processes i only care about simple stuff like AO - DOF - thoes kind effect look more for colors and look i deal with software more professional in that
so i need to know where i can find Screen Percentage to rise it up and what else i can change for quality and how i can rise up AO more than 1.0
please try to show simple in image to be more easy to get

thanks again and i will come again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I actually love motion graphics like the stuff on Greyscale Gorilla and the amazing stuff they and motion graphic designers do using Cinema 4D.

Would be so cool to see motion graphics become a whole big new thing in UE4. And like the ArchiViz people are discovering, not having to wait for renders is very, very helpful.

You’d be surprised the amount of post processing you can do within UE4 itself. I mean it’s After-Effects kind of stuff including some pretty sophisticated color grading: Post Processing Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Give me several minutes, I’ll take a screenshot of some Post Process Volume stuff I like eg. Screen Percentage.

Here is the screenshot, lots of fun stuff in Post Process Volume for people that spent a lot of time in Photoshop and After Effects etc :slight_smile:




Fringe Intensity
*Trendy chromatic aberration thingy
Vignette Intensity
Global Illumination
Indirect Lighting Intensity
Easy way to adjust “brightness” of baked global illumination

Screen Percentage
A kind of Super Sample Anti Aliasing when set > 100%

AA Method
My preference is TXAA with SSAA (above)

Screen Space Reflections
“Realtime Shiny Stuff”

Set this to 50, 100, or 1000 to override other PPV… yes, by right you should know what other PPV is in the scene instead of entering random priority numbers.

For a single scene set to Unbound if you want the PPV to affect everything. Setting “Bound” is for PPV to change as you move from parts of the map to another, etc.


woow that really amazing more slow but amazing
here the both result after and before


but about Blendables i did’t find them or maybe it docent show in camera have to be in volume

really i thank you so much for your help unreal become slow in render but still faster more than others
after all i get what i was looking for from very long time thanks again and iam sure there is more still :slight_smile:

No worries, I’m still learning myself. Check out the ArchiViz section of the forum, especially “Koola”'s thread.

Yeah Screen Percentage (“SSAA”) makes things slower but is worth it and can still be realtime with a fast graphics card. :slight_smile:

I’ve only just found out about “Blendables”, that’s for things like:

Also for Post FX there’s interesting assets such as:

OK that’s all for now.