Does Unreal Engine have the ability to create this flow map effect for animation?

Hey there, I have a really cool idea I am trying to work on but kind think I am running into a snag,

Do any of you UE4 experts know or can direct me to some beginner resources that can lead me down the path for creating a flow map simulation effect similar to this GIF

The concept seems somewhat simple in my mind and here is the brainstorming I have come up with:

  1. Gradient map shader effect that uses the speed as the color, Red=fast, Blue=slow, anything in between is a gradient. I believe I have a good understanding how to do this in the material editor

  2. Particle emitter that simulates in real time the confining space? This is where I could use some tips/advice/guidance. I would potentially love to either use particles, arrows, or maybe even a smoke effect?

Overall this isn’t for a game and I will be rendering it into an animation via sequencer and export out to pngs to be composited into nuke or after effects.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Im also interested!

Both Cascade and Niagara support 3D vector fields. You could render a vector field with the desired gradients, and make that vector field affect each particle by some percentage. It will result in particles following the field lines.