Does Unreal Engine 4 offer protection from accidentally destroying computer when using C++

C++ can be a dangerous program to work in when one is inexperienced, one may damage their computer or create other nasty problems. Does Unreal Engine offer cover these issues?

Don’t worry, you won’t destroy your computer with any C++ script you write.

If you buy a computer or components with a good warranty you wont need to worry about burning it up. No company can be held responsible for some users coding skills.

Would like more feedback than that

Seriously dude, If you have to ask this sort of question, maybe you can’t ‘afford’ the answer… :stuck_out_tongue:
Why not avoid C++ for now altogether, and just work with Blueprints if at all possible, no???

Either way there’s no editing Disk-sectors, Boot-tables or ramming memory with reads+writes…
So no there’s no hardware danger there. What might bork your machine are VS prerequisites.
Sometimes some of those can / may bork other apps, so you need to know what you’re doing…
For instance, a Windows reboot after an update may conflict with something you just installed…

But otherwise you’re not working at OS level, so don’t worry about any permanent damage etc.
Welcome to game dev… Your PC shouldn’t be your only device anyway, its rarely a good thing… :slight_smile:

C++ is not dangerous. The worst thing you can do is make your Application crash (unless you are specifically writing code to sabotage your OS by deleting various directories).

I think I remember sections where it is possible to screw stuff up

Yeah, well I’m just listening to a C++ instructor with 14 years experience talk about C++. So it seems Unreal Engine 4 does offer some protection.

You are completely safe with or without ue4, your OS is your protection. You can only damage your hardware if you do kernel level stuff. How much dumb errors I made I would already spend millions on hardware if it was that easy to damage it. If you try to access memory that is outside what OS allocated for your application, OS will crash your application, no harm done. Trust me, you will spend more on anti stress pills than on damaged hardware.

great feedback, thanks.