Does Unreal Engine 4 come with Multiplayer?

Hi Everybody.

I am considering getting Unreal Engine 4 Subscription, but i want to know first, Can i easily make a multiplayer game?

For example. Cryengine SDK comes with the ability to launch set up 2 teams, then save it with multiplayer settings and then instantly play with a friend online, No additional set up required.

Is this the same for UE4?


UE4 got universal replication system, which keeps selected things in sync, so it can be used for many perpaces, it also have dedicated server support and P2P managment support is in road map. Its mostly suitable for shooter scale multiplayer, so it might be overkill for somthing lighter turn base and not enouth for MMO scale. Heres docs to seee how it works

Theres no teams or other basic systems support as engine is made to be universal, you would need to code that yourself, but with subscription you get access to UT repo so you might inspire from that. Shooter semo is main replication demo right now.

For everything else you can implement your own multiplayer system with your own protocol, from simple HTTP to something more complex. UE4 have APIs for that from C++ with HTTP support

As for friend list support and things, UE4 support third party online subsystem services, like SteamWorks, Facebook, Google+, XBL and PSN in consoles. Thru i think its only accessable via C++ right now