Does Unreal 4.10 work with 0.7 Oculus Runtime?

I ask because I’ve installed the editor and getting started content and running a few VR demos brings up a 3d window but nothing displays on Oculus. The head-tracker light comes on and stays on whenever the editor is running. There is no actual head tracking when the VR demos are running and as I said… no image on oculus.

I read that 4.10 supports 0.8 runtime but don’t know if it works with 0.7?

Never mind. Problem solved. Works with 0.8 runtime and latest Nvidia.

I was wondering about that myself…thnx

Are you seeing better performance with those new vr tweaks they mentioned in the release notes? (I can’t test it since I’m in the middle of a VR project using 4.9 & I don’t want to update to the 0.8.0 runtime and risk fking things up…)