Does UMG Widgets natively support VR mode?

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I created a full screen main menu using UMG widget with four corners as anchor points. It displays fine (covers full screen) in PIE, however, if i switch to VR mode, either eyes only display 3/4 of the image and does not focus well. Is this a bug? if not, what to do to fix?

For VR you shouldn’t use screen based widgets, instead they should be 3d widgets placed and sized in the world. That way they aren’t anchored to your face and you can lean in to see more details. It will also sidestep the need to fix screenspace support for VR. See for details.

Thanks for the comment, however, 3D widgets does not provide full screen 2D-like menu, also 3D widgets does not show mouse cursor in VR mode(works in PIE only).

Is there a way to use center of the camera(focus point) to hover over a widget button for selection? It seems widget button only has three options, clicked, pressed and released.

You can hack around this issue by raycasting and feeding the coordinates into a widget and doing your own collision checks against interactive boxes, which is what I’ve done. It’s not pretty, but with a little bit of re-usability in mind you can easily extend it to all the widgets you want. Out of the box UMG doesn’t support VR at this time.

Also you can add a cursor with just a 2d image widget you move around based on your input.

Any chance you could post your fix I am having the same problem ? with 3/4’s fo the screen cut off

3D widgets lagg behind the camera, you can’t put them close enough and it’s really pain in the ■■■

Exactly my issue. Is there any way to fix this? We’re doing a HUD for a fast moving racing game and 3D Widgets just completely fall apart.

have you tried parenting them to a camera scene component? These components have late update which apply to their children so in theory it should follow without lag.

Isn’t this what Widget Interaction components are for? UMG Widget Interaction Components in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Yep, those came around 4.13. Before that there was no standard way of raycasting interaction.