Does UE4 use Radians or Degrees?

I know you can do maths in either, but the coordinate system in the game itself, what does that use?

I think I read somewhere it’s 360 degrees but between -180 and 180 for each axis. is that right?

FRotator makes use of degrees for its Pitch, Yaw and Roll.

According to the documentation found at FRotator | Unreal Engine Documentation, I quote:

“Looking up and down (0=Straight Ahead, +Up, -Down)”

Considering there are 360 degrees, and 0 is the ‘default’ so to speak, and + is up and - is down, it indeed seems to be in the range [-180, 180].

thanks dude!

The URL in your answer has a comma at the end.
Here’s the fixed url: FRotator | Unreal Engine Documentation