Does UE4 have built in support for patches or DLC?

I was just wondering if UE4 currently supports (or if there are any plans for this) creation of game patches and/or DLC content. What I saw so far, if I were to let’s say release a game, and I wanted to patch it with either bug fixes, new features or content, I would have to repack the whole game and the users would have to download the whole game again instead of just the changed files.

yes i want know please

i would like to know about this as well

any info on this

It appears to use DLC you need to use command line packaging. I didnt get much information on it. Currently this feature is in beta testing.

run the cook utility for your main game with “-CreateReleaseVersion=x.y”, then again for each DLC plugin with “-BasedOnReleaseVersion=x.y -DLCName=MyPluginName”.

You got this from here right?

Do you know how to properly use it? If i enter it in the command line will it automatically work?

We now have release and patching documentation: