Does UE4 do automatic batching under the hood now?

It has been a while since I’ve got to work on the artsy side of a project and currently I’m working on grid based spawning which can have a potential of ~16*16 props on screen at once depending on zoom level. But while testing some logic, I wasn’t using HISMs or ISMs yet to spawn identical geometry and when I didn’t notice a performance hit I decided to check out my stats and noticed my draw calls were hovering very low.

Last time I really dove into world building, and I could be wrong, UE4 didn’t batch identical geometry with identical materials and ISMs needed to be used. So my question really is: Does UE4 automatically batch now?

And if it does is there a stat command to view batching stats?

Hey there! Indeed, the mesh drawing pipeline was extensively reworked in 4.22. Have a look at this vid for more details :slight_smile: