Does swarm work on network renderfarm

Man this unreal learning is basically 70% of my time searching google for answers.

So this time, swarm. The impression i get is that its flakey as hell, is this the case?

I finally thought I had got my 3 machines rendering, after the only solution of installing unreal on all the machines, but no…when i start a build the coordinator sends out the job, all 3 machines pick it up, and the 2 agent machines drop after about 30s, sometimes 1 stays working for longer.

But log says ‘Lighting complete [Startup = 286 ms, Lighting = 3.97 sec’ even though its only at say 7% complete, then i get

Failed to send back log file through Swarm!

and something about killing rogue job

this is seriously getting tedious so any help is much appreciated, even if the answer is ‘yes its not great’