Does substance plugin works on android platform?

I ran a build on android platform , it ran fine apart from the part that materials made using substance designer didn’t load . thus I would like to know if substance plugin is supported in android platform and if it is, is there any special or specific setting for making it work on the mobile platform. Thanking you.

I got “unknown error” when trying to launch first person template on mobile (nexus 9) while Substance Designer Plugin is active.

Windows 10
UE: 4.12.5
reinstalled sdk/plugin/engine and still can’t get it to work on mobile.

Any kind of help would be great.

This is from 2014, so it might have changed, but this was the first result that I could find about it.

Not at this time, but we are working on mobile support.

Source: Adobe Community

I found some kind of solution.

  1. You need Visual Studio 2015 and c++ redist.
  2. You have two options:

A) do everything on C++ template (instead of blueprints)
B) make a blueprint template, and then go to file → add code to project → create empty class → [proceed with this wizzard]

  1. Build your scene
  2. Launch
  3. Good luck & have fun :wink:

Looks like a project needs to create folder and data associated with visual studio and c++ to compile properly.
And if you look on UnrealMarketplace - substance should be compatible with almost all platforms atm. There is even a game (on unity) that works mainly on substances and its a mobile app.

Hope it helped ;> cheers !

Substance plugin is not supported on mobile and console platform yet.

“Available for Windows and Mac, coming soon for consoles and mobile.”