Does SteamAPI work in UE5 within Editor Standalone mode

When using the ShooterExample from the 4.x version of the engine, and use for example the devappid for spacewars, steam works correctly as in it has a overlay and the game currently being played is displayed as spacewars. It is also possible to get my steamid on the server.

Opening this project with UE5 (and simply commenting out a few compile errors unrelated to networking), and I get STEAM: Steam API disabled in the Server log and the Client has no SteamOverlay ect. However if I package this project and run the Client then, it is properly initializing the API.

Is there some change between 4 and 5 that prevents the use of the SteamAPI in the Editor?
Did anyone succeed in getting the SteamAPI to run in non packages builds?

Using google I do not find anything useful so far, as all the results seem to be about UE4